Quand tu seras grand

“When you grow up”      Great expectations !








“My little Boy, it’s your birthday today and you’re one year old. You‘re

not quite ready to walk just yet, but you’ve got six teeth and   your three

big sisters love you so, so much. They’ve already decided what you’re

going to be when you grow up.”


“I think you’ll be a chef,” said Kendra.

“You’ll be the best chef in the whole wide world. You’ll make fabulous

food like nobody else.”


“I think you’ll be an explorer,” said Keyanna.

“And you’ll travel to far off lands.

Then when you come back home you can tell us all about the plants and

animals you’ve discovered.”


“I think you’ll be a pilot,” said Kala.

“And your plane will fly us from one end of the earth to the other.

You’ll even be able to take us up beyond the stars to visit granddad.”







The blog post that inspired me is found here






The young boy is bigger now 😉