Petites histoires de notre (grande) Histoire:Moyen-Âge

“Fun Facts of our History : Middle-Ages”

A journey through  Middle Ages.

You will meet peasants, knights and princesses and discover how they lived.

How did you become a knight ? What was a castle for?

What did they eat in Middle Ages ?

How did you become a princess?

Here is a book that allows you us to understand and learn their lifestyle.

Back Cover :

” Ride a pig to become a knight ? Take you bath with friends?
A barber who cuts hair, pull’s out teeth and is also a surgeon ?
Believe me, it happened like that in Middle Ages !

And these are just a few random examples !
No question of dates , historical facts or great characters , but every day life, down to earth, practical . Just read , laugh and discover these little stories or anecdotes …                          They are part of this great story, which is ours, yours.
It is a fascinating world to explore. The only limit is your curiosity ! ”

petites_histoirespage intérier 2page intérieur


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