Petites histoires de notre (grande) Histoire: La préhistoire

Who were the men of prehistory?
Yes, they lived in caves, but not only. These nomadic people had well-established techniques to settle in a new place.
They moved with the seasons to follow the migration of animals.
Thanks to the work of archaeologists and anthropologists, we are always learning more about these far away times.
Do you know that going through their “garbage” and the places where they lived, we are still discovering amazing facts!
The task is not easy as prehistoric man was very good at recycling! They didn’t leave much behind them!
With this book, we go from the period of 200 000 to 8 000 years before Jesus Christ.
Come and discover these fun facts…
They are part of the great story, which is mine, which is yours!
It is a fascinating world to explore. The only limit is your curiosity!

la préhistoire

07-La chasse colo

11-Les enfants colo


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