Little Fox, Lost

Petit renard se perd_“Little  Fox, lost”

page 17-18

“You can’t what?” asked Old Owl.
“I can’t follow you”, said Little  Fox.                        “I’ve just remembered
what Mama always says:

‘If ever you are lost, my child,
Don’t let a stranger guide you
Be still, and I will search the wild
Until I am beside you.”

“Little Fox, Lost” has been published in english by Pajama press.

I don’t know for you, but I lost one special child over and over and over !

Once we lost her on a market place. We walked round and round to find our daughter and could not put our hands on her. We suddenly realised she must have been doing just the same as us : going around the place…  so we could not meet each other !

When we went to Norway to visit our friend Birte, she made us do this incredible adventure cycling down from Finse altitude  1200m to Flam 0 m.

Some of us went so far in front that we could just spot them on the other mountain… We cried out  to them : please stop!                                                                                                                                                                 The kids wanted to turn round and come back to us and Birte yelled “don’t  !!!! stay where you are! They mustn’t waste their energy ! ” she added to us.

That’s when I learned that if you are lost, stay where you are… Someone will come and find you. I was also very concerned that one of my sweet kids would follow a stranger :                – Come with me ! I have great puppies to show you ! ” or what ever…

These are some of the reasons I really wanted to write a book that would plant in a child’s mind how to react if they got lost.

I couldn’t avoid dedicating this book to Birte who has brought us so much with her smile and energy and big heart !  dédicace birte

Alicia Padron is the great artist ! She lives in Venezuela. I discovered her video on her blog : Little lost Fox. I had just written this story, so I couldn’t believe it ! I wrote to her, and she accepted to illustrate my story. (I live in France)

Thank you to the Canadian publisher : 400 coups éditions that made it into a picture book !

Kids craft : paper fox

Crafts-Foxy Table

When you have lost a sock and you can make all the characters of the story the same way ! 🙂


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Mon chien guyère


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