Panique chez les Suricates

Paniques chez les Suricates : Panic among the Meerkats

“- Oh that meerkat ! grumbled and sighed who ever met Suri.

Why did everyone treat him like that? What was wrong with Suri?

He wasn’t the smallest meerkat that had ever been seen…

Neither was he the biggest or ugliest or strangest meerkat to be found…

Not even the most disobedient or naughty little meerkat…

No, Suri just happened to have a friend.

An unusual friend : the most dangerous living creature for a meerkat.

A belliquous bird, with a pair of sharp and scary claws!

The kind who could grab you and take you away for ever.

A friend who was a Young Eagle.

Of course, raptors and meerkats aren’t supposed to get together. Raptors hunt meerkats. But sometimes a true friendship can go beyond normality and differences!
As for “101 unemployed sheep” and “Groundhogs strike day” by the same authors, this picture book has a game to play.At the end of the story, you will learn that Suri you can find Suri on each page. You will recognize him at the small hearts on his fur.

couv. suricates

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