Ma maman sait tout faire ou presque…

“My mom’ good at  everything… well, nearly !”

This is in away, a recollection of what I did as a mother. Not just what a usual mother does, but so much more…

Except that I could do all these things even with 5 kids (Born in 5 years time!) 😉

Mom cooks, sews, repair, screws, unscrew, lays tiles in the bathroom, installs hardwood floors, measures, saws, nails, … she does everything, well almost …Fortunately, Dad is there to do all the things she doesn’t do…


The content of this story is surprising. This mother seems to be able to do all what a father usually does… In fact they are complementary parents! One does what the other one doesn’t. But it does happen that mom really can’t do at all without her husbands help…


Kids craft : spider !



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