La girafe de mer

Our “Sea Giraffe” has been published in Africa, Ivory Coast.
Please, leave us a little comment if you come from this sunny country!
We would love to get some feed back!
It isn’t available in france for the moment. If it does, it will be distributed by Hachette.

Little Giraffe is frustrated not having a sea family.

Some of his friends, the lions and elephants  have been boasting about their sea cousins : sea lions, sea elephants …

I must have sea cousins too, thinks Little  giraffe.

So off he goes to find them.

He meets a sea-horse, sea-turtle, a sea-star (starfish) and even a sea-wolf (sailor), but no sea giraffe. Until he sees his own reflection in the water and it gives him an idea …

A story that manipulates the absurd with a sense of rhythm and a touch of humor. The illustrations, (computer graphics), play the codes of representation to include real animals (solid colors) and imaginary animals (silhouette outlined by a thin white line). A very good album.



La girafe de mer