Hiku is my first english, published book.

It was an important moment in my life, because it was like ending the circle… (I don’t know if this expression is right in english!!)

I started my life hearing english… I grew up speaking english… then I spoke english only when I wanted to say something private to my mum or dad… then I discovered that english opens door when you travel… I lived nine month in Ireland and I improved my english!

Well you now understand my love for english!


Unique illustrations capture charming memories as Hiku reminiscences on the great times he and his family have had together. Will Hiku realise that it’s much more fun to be with his family than on his own? Children will love to spot Hiku with his heart-shaped waistcoat in each scene.

capture d'écran aldiSold at Aldi as one book

Hiku and Little Grey Donkey

Kid’s craft : penguins !

Hihu means pack ice in french…

the penguins a made with horse chestnuts







pingouin en marron