Gros Tics et p’tites Manies-Animaux de la Ferme

couv gros tics ferme

“Animal fun facts – On the farm”

You believe you have nothing unusual to learn aboutGrosTicsPtitesManies_Lapins_p17-18_Final farm animals ?

Well I believe you might learn some fun facts in this book !
They sometimes do really weird things and you might be quite surprised.
For example, did you know that not one cow has the same pattern of colours ?

And that when the grass is too high, they eat on their tip toes ?

supposedly you know a billy-goat  “stinks” and more it stinks, more the goats will love him. How he gets to smell so bad ?Well… he pee’s on his beard !

These farm animals have small quirks that will surely make you smile!
Reading this book, allows you to discover, learn and remember, with  smiles and giggles !


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