Des couleurs pour demain

“It is always a special moment when you are holding in your hands the book you have been working on, dreaming and thinking about!” (Coralie Saudo the illustrator)

“Colors for tomorrow” is the story of a young Inuit, that has been brought up in a world with out colours.

One day he catches a yellow fish…

– Before, there was yellow sunflowers, explains his dad.

The next day he catches a blue fish, and the next day a red one…

Each time his farther explains how colours used to be found on earth.                 Now everything es dark and grey due to pollution. No colours are left.

The little boys longs that everyone on earth would feel concerned and do what is needed to make the colors come back in this world…

Fish craft made from transparent plastic adhesive and multicolored glitter

poisson coloré






Eskimo Craft





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