C’est loin ailleurs?

Coralie Saudo asked me to write a story that would unable her to take part in a contest.      I thought we needed something full of nonsense…

That is how “Is elsewhere far ?” was born. I had seen this little character in Coralie’s little online shop (painted pebbles) and I felt inspired by him.

You know, sometimes you are driven to write words, you don’t know where they come from…

This story is very rich… You turn the pages and discover a new country with its own culture and habits.

Yes, there is much more up to this book than what I thought… It makes sense…

Perhaps because I come from elsewhere…                              My father was dutch, my mother is Scottish, I was born in Belgium, came to France age 6. Lived in Alsace for 24 years and moved to the Paris area 27 years ago!                                                                               I can tell you that just moving from one part of the country to another, gave me the feeling I came from elsewhere!

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It has been translated in several languages, but still not in english!

Craft your own monster !