C’est la fête!

“Celebration day !”


Today is the day the trees and birds have their party.  Everyone is busy, everyone is preparing.  But a little plum-tree is still fast asleep.  He is not going to be ready for the party!  Who is going to help him?


 This morning the trees in the garden have woken up very early.

Some spread their branches and gently coax out tender leaves.

Others carefully unfold the petals of their new blossoms.

As for the birds, they are busying themselves in a deafening concert,

Each competing with the other to have the clearest and most beautiful voice.

They want this special day to echo with their songs of joy and laughter.

All of a sudden Robin cried out,

“Little Plum Tree is still fast asleep!”

“Oh no.  He is brown and bare.

How’s he going to be able to celebrate spring?” lamented Blue Tit.


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