Like all little lambs

Bâ-lamb has lots of fun

Staying close to his mum.

But Bâ-lamb, has no friends

And he wanders around his field feeling lonely..

One day Bâ-lamb meets a little wolf.

He’s so happy !

At last, he has a friend !

But Mâ-uwe isn’t at all pleased :

– How many times must I tell you not to play with  wolves?

They’re fierce and greedy.

– But Mâ, it is just a teeny-weeny  wolf !

– Maybe, but a teeny-weeny wolf can swallow you up  !

Bâ-lamb meets a little fat piglet.

He’s so happy !

At last, he has a friend.( etc…)

Craft :









You can buy the book  here  or   here  in french… We would love it to be published in english! Soon you will find it in Coreen !


This teacher did a great work around my two books about lambs !