Writing, I love writing!
But writing is so more rewarding when it can be shared.
I am happy to have over 43 picture-books published in the last 10 years.
Most of my books are in french.

Why do I write in english on this site? Because I think english is a well used language, and I want to reach out to all the English-speaking friends and people who might look for more information about me and my books.

I must also add, that english was my first language as a little girl. Why? Because my mother is Scottish. She married a dutch man (my father) and they lived in Belgium, and later in France.
Today, I am the mother of five young adults.
Before writing picture Books, I have writen songs and nursery rhymes for over 20 years.      7 CD have been released that have given birth to many themed CD’S

One day,(mid 2005) I decided it was time for me to start writing more than just songs.The first book was published in 2007.

I really enjoy putting words down on paper (computer now 😉 ), and hope readers will enjoy my stories!
If you want  to learn more about my life, my books, you may visit:

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