Camélion is a book for little hands.


This book tells the story of a little lion whose mane changes color according to his environment.

The animals he encounters constantly make fun of him and point out how different he is.


It makes Little lion very sad. 

One day he meets a young chameleon.

The chameleon realises Little Lion is able to change color, just as he does. He decides to nickname his new friend “Chamelion”.



About nicole snitselaar

Writting, I love writting! But writting is so more rewarding when it can be shared. I am happy to have over 20 picture-books published in the last four years. Yes, most of these books are in french. Why do I write in english on this site? Because I think english is a well used language, and I want to reach out to all the engkish speaking friends and people that might look for more information about me! I must also add, that english was my first language as a little girl. Why? Because my mother is scottich. She married a dutch man (my father) and they lived in Belgium, and later in France. I am the mother of five young adults. I have written songs and nursery rhymes for over 20 years. I have 7 CD released. One day,(in 2005) I decided it was time for me to start writting more then just songs.I really enjoy this activity and hope that you will enjoy discovering my stories! If you want to learn more about me, my life, my books, you may visit my blog: http//
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