101 moutons au chômage

“101 sheep out of work”

The story behind the book:

When Coralie Saudo (the illustrator) got married, she painted for each of her guests, a little lamb on pebbles.

They were so cute, she asked me to write a story for them.

I really didn’t know what to write… it seemed to me I couldn’t find anything unusual about counting sheep!

When suddenly I had an idea:

– What if that evening, a little boy went to sleep without counting the sheep!

We then have the sheep remembering all what they love about being counted.

But why is the house all locked up tonight? You will discover the answer by reading the book! 😉


Review: La mare aux mots

Little lamb










http://maclassedematernelle.perso.neuf.fr/moutons/ (turn the pages of the “book” )